Criminal Defense

Whether it’s a misdemeanor or felony, facing a potential criminal conviction is a serious matter. Consequences may include a jail sentence, loss of current and future employment, costly fines and a tarnished reputation. Even when you’re just a suspect of a criminal offense, it’s wise to seek legal counsel. Likely, law enforcement will want to interview you. Without counsel, you may unwittingly say something incriminating that can be used against you in court. An experienced criminal defense attorney like Louis M. Pissios is there to protect your rights and fight for justice on your behalf if you are charged. For nearly three decades, the Law Office of Louis M. Pissios has been defending clients charged with a criminal offense. He has successfully represented clients charged with sexual offences, serious violent crimes, white collar crimes, drug and narcotics charges, DUIs, domestic violent crimes and more. His successful outcomes include dismissal of charges, reduced charges, parole rather than jail time and reduced sentencing.

A Strong Defense Strategy: Attorney Louis M. Pissios

Each case is different with its unique facts. Attorney Louis M. Pissios gives every case the time it needs and deserves to develop a strong defense strategy. He takes the time to listen to your explanation of the facts. During his investigation, he speaks with law enforcement, gathers witness statements, evaluates ballistic reports, reviews DNA evidence and builds a defense strategy. When needed, he will hire expert witnesses for the defense to poke holes in the prosecutor’s case against you. The goal is to create a strong defense for the best outcome. There may be times when the evidence against you is strong. If so, he will collaborate with the prosecutor for the best plea bargain. Plus, he’ll let you know the advantages and disadvantages of accepting a plea bargain.

Experience Matters: The Law Office of Louis M. Pissios

With years of experience, the Law Office of Louis M. Pissios knows the criminal justice system, laws, judges and prosecutors. He uses this knowledge as leverage during the criminal justice process. He helps clients navigate the complex criminal justice process. In addition, attorney Louis M. Pissios keeps clients updated on the progress of their case. It can be a stressful time, and attorney Louis M. Pissios is there to help the process run as smooth as possible.

If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense, turn to the Law Office of Louis M. Pissios for an aggressive legal advocate.