The consequences of DUI charges can be devastating. If convicted, you could face license suspension, significant fines, community service, and time behind bars. However, with Louis M. Pissios’ assistance, it may be possible for you to achieve reduced charges or a dismissed case.

DUI Laws in Illinois

Illinois is notoriously tough on drunk drivers. This is especially true for those under the age of 21 and those operating school buses. These drivers must pass breathalyzer tests with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .00, or they risk harsh DUI charges. The BAC limit for commercial driver’s license holders is .04. A BAC of over .08 is illegal for all other drivers over the age of 21.

DUI Penalties

The consequences of DUI charges vary somewhat based on the age of the offender, the number of prior offenses, and other circumstances surrounding the incident. Those who fail chemical tests are immediately subject to statutory license suspension. This period typically lasts at least six months, although offenders are eligible for Monitoring Device Driving Permits (MDDPs) after a month of license suspension. Those who refuse to submit to chemical testing may face up to twelve months of statutory license suspension.

License suspension is just one of several penalties accompanying DUI charges. First-time offenders face possible imprisonment of up to one year, as well as fines of up to $2,500. The repercussions quickly become harsher for anyone with a history of driving under the influence, with mandatory minimum sentencing requiring offenders with prior DUI convictions to spend at least five days in jail or to complete 240 hours of community service.

DUI and Cannabis

Medical marijuana is legal in the state of Illinois, but users are not allowed to operate vehicles while under the influence of cannabis. Those who drive while impaired by marijuana generally face the same repercussions as those charged with alcohol-related DUIs, although additional possession charges may occur if the accused individual is unable to offer proof of medical authorization.

DUI Defense at the Law Offices of Louis M. Pissios

If you have been accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or cannabis, it is absolutely essential for you to get in touch with a respected attorney. The right lawyer can help you avoid many of the harsh repercussions associated with DUI charges. Look to the Law Office of Louis M. Pissios for compassionate legal service and zealous representation