Thousands of innocent Americans to prison

In 2013, Massachusetts state chemist, Annie Dookhan, pled guilty to falsifying the results of over 40,000 drug tests that ultimately sent thousands of innocent Americans to prison. It has been more than four years since Dookhan’s crimes were uncovered, and yet numerous people are still locked away because of her corruption, many of which have no idea she was the one who brought about their horrid fate.

Imagine being locked in a cell and knowing you’re innocent. Imagine how you’d feel as you watch the prime years of your life taken away from you — all because of a vicious government chemist, along with the low-IQ cops who willingly enforce the corrupt “war on drugs.”

Dookhan had intentionally forged signatures and tampered with evidence to further both her career, as well as many prosecutors who she had close relations with. She would also invent fanciful job titles for herself, such as “special agent of operations” and “on-call terrorism supervisor,” and would then testify in court as an “expert.”

Prosecutors adored Dookham, referring to her as being a part of their “dream team,” and even taking her out for drinks. In one email with a prosecutor, Dookham said she wouldn’t be able to give her “expert testimony,” to which the prosecutor replied, “No no no!!! I need you!!!”

An email provided by the Boston Globe shows the close friendship Dookhan had with one particular prosecutor by the name of George Papachristos:

“Glad we are on the same team,” he once wrote Dookhan — including one day in May 2010 when he told her he needed a marijuana sample to weigh at least 50 pounds so that he could charge the owners with drug trafficking.

“Any help would be greatly appreciated!” he wrote, punctuating each sentence with a long string of exclamation points. “Thank you!”

Two hours later, Dookhan responded: “OK . . . definitely Trafficking, over 80 lbs.” ­Papachristos thanked her profusely.

Dookhan had sent another email to Papachristos in which she told him she needed a man “to love me and make me laugh.” In other words, some of her victims went to prison because she had a crush on their prosecutor, and what an interesting prison story that makes; what are you in for? A hormonal chemist who was hoping to get laid.

Norfolk County District Attorney, Michael Morrissey, has been set on the task of reviewing thousands of files to determine who was wrongfully prosecuted.

“I don’t think anyone ever perceived that one person was capable of causing this much chaos,” Morrissey stated. “You can see the entire walls full of boxes… in one of these cardboard boxes, there could be hundreds of cases… in each box.”

What does Dookhan have to say for herself?

“I screwed up big time. I messed up. I messed up bad. It’s my fault. I don’t want the lab to get in trouble.”

After sending countless victims to prison, many of which have been behind bars for years, she was only given a three to five year sentence. Anthony Benedetti, chief counsel of the state public defender agency, stated:

“Sadly, the saga continues for the thousands of individuals who have borne the impact of Dookhan’s misdeeds, and the lab’s scandalous management.”